Working Hard On Hardly Working.

More than a year has passed since my last post. And i have done shamefully little work since then. Having said that i have done SOME work, or rather re-work.

Presented for your consideration;

Imagine a world where cats- those revered animals, so full of eldritch power and a smouldering contempt for humanity– had managed to design, fabricate and utilise power armour that allowed them to fly through space… Now imagine that concept, but on a shirt.

This one is a re-design of a shirt i posted years and years ago, i thought it would be fun to put a cat in a mech suit and elude to a squadron of be-meched cat soldiers, so in the re-design i decided to flesh out the team with three cats in mech suits, flying through space with their little faces, and kitty paws.

Also on the re-work schedule was Rome and Carthage football team designs.

i originally did the first designs for these i think about four years ago, the basic idea was “what if the Punic Wars weren’t just a horrendous loss of life, but a high school football match, between long time rivals from opposite schools”.

These designs can be purchased on shirts right here and also here.

i was a pretty big fan of Super Metroid back in the day, haven’t played any games in the series since it was on SNES, but i will always remeber the awesome feeling of being a champion bounty hunter, being the best most competent bad-ass in the galaxy. The big reveal that Samus Aran was a woman was something i will always remember. i never got around to using the Justin Bailey cheat, and to this day i am not entirely convinced it is a real thing.
This little design is available for purchase as a sticker, and multiple other formats right here.

Oh, and some new work in the form of the cursed blue shell from the Mario Brothers games. Personally i haven’t played a Mario Bros. game for a long time, but others have, and do, and are, and i go where the money is, baby.

This started out as a mashup of the blue shell design and the Detroit Red Wings logo. Again, not being a hue Mario fan i though the Red Shell was the one everyone feared, however in conversations (most of which i tuned out of, because they were about Mario Bros.) i came across the common complaint that the blue shell was actually the more contemptible shell.

This design can be purchased on many things varying from shirts to stickers, and journals right here.

And some other new work in progress; a series of limited colour palette designs focusing on primary colours and strong black and white contrast the first of which is a blue samurai.

So that’s i from me, for now…

Thanks for not interrupting.


Crash Bandicoot. RE-bandi-BOOT


i LOVED Crash Bandicoot. i absolutely fucking loved that hyperactive marsupial, with every fibre of my being.

i played a lot of games before i played the original Crash game, and i liked them; i played a LOT of the Quest games (be it Space, or King’s) and had a blast, i liked Super Mario Brothers, i enjoyed playing Super Metroid, i will never forget Marathon 2, and Jazz Jackrabbit will always have a place in my game-heart, but i can state unequivocally that i god damn adored Crash Bandicoot.
The game had the wacky humour of an early Looney Tunes cartoon, the colour and style of some kind of terminal sugar-high inducing cereal box art, and hyper-kinetic playing mechanics that emphasised being in control of a technicolour, ADHD wrecking ball. I just got Crash, you know, i understood him. I can’t possibly tell you how many times i’ve seen a crate and thought “is today the day i successfully spin through that wooden bastard”. Unfortunately, the day i successfully spin through that wooden bastard is yet to come.

I even played Crash of the Titans on PSP AND XBox 360, that’s how deep my love for Crash Bandicoot goes.

The original Crash Bandicoot came out in 1996. By my reckoning it is currently the year of our Lord, 2016. That is a passing of twenty (20) human years*.
20 years and still here we all sit, waiting for our most beloved bandicoot to be given the HD, 21st century redesign treatment. So, if Sony, or Activision, or Naughty Dog (or whom ever own Crash nowadays) aren’t going to get on that action, then i sure as hell will.

Do The Evolution.
Character Redesigns.

Crash Bandicoot.

Crash Bandicoot

The eponymous hero of the series, Crash was supposed to be the leader of Cortex’s mutant army. After being zapped with the Evolv-O-Ray it became clear he wasn’t really going to work as a world conquering super henchman, so he was promptly discarded.


Tawna Bandicoot

Another creation of Dr. Cortex, after Crash was rejected, Tawna was still imprisoned prompting Crash to start his rescue effort, in an aid to impress her and win her heart. 
Tawna has a tumultuous history as a Crash character. She wasn’t really seen after the first game apart from cameos in framed photos, or being alluded to work in weird burlesque clubs. She was a playable character in a game made for Nintendo DS (which is a low point for any character), but she was the reason Crash was doing what he was doing in the original game, so it seems only right to bring her back

Coco Bandicoot.

Coco Bandicoot

The highly intelligent and spirited younger sister of Crash Bandicoot. She often aids her big brother by building gadgets ideal for the situation or even tagging along with him in his journeys.

Aku Aku.

Aku Aku

An ancient, benevolent witch doctor whose spirit now resides in a wooden mask, carved from enchanted wood taken from the Wumpa trees. As the guardian of the Wumpa Archipelago, Aku Aku joins Crash in order to free the islands from Cortex’s hold. Aku Aku has had devotees throughout the ages who have carved voodoo idols in his image, collecting them will provide Crash with protection and power-ups on the course of his journey.

G.R.U. Gorilla.

G.R.U. Gorilla

 Looking for more muscle to add to his army Cortex made a deal with a Russian black market Arms Dealer; in return for enough money and high tech weaponry to either buy his way into power or level the entire country Cortex was given a family of silverback gorillas, stolen from a Russian zoo.
 Originally the first boss in the first game was Papu Papu, a tribal leader native to the islands, but since i wanted to keep an island natives vs. Cortex (and his hench-mutants) theme, i decided to replace Papu Papu with this guy, a massive gorilla. While i am aware that gorillas are not technically native to the Australasian region, once i  did a quick sketch of him – and decided he would be a gorilla who is an actual guerrilla – the decision was out of my hands. You don’t walk away from an opportunity like that when it falls in your lap.

Ripper Roo.

Ripper Roo

Ripper Roo is an insane mutated kangaroo, he was  Dr. Cortex’s first failed test subject of the Evolv-O-Ray, with which Ripper was zapped at least twice, causing him to go insane.


Koala Kong.

Koala Kong

An Aquarius who likes long walks on the beach, collects antique teaspoons, and is a complete psychopath. His proudest moment is either the time he ripped down 200 trees (in one afternoon), or the time he finished The Da Vinci Code (that took him three months).

Pinstripe Potoroo.

Pinstripe Potoroo

The Head of Cortex’s personal security force. A no nonsense potoroo with a love of violence and a good amount of skill with his Thompson M1921 submachine gun, which he has affectionately named “Miss Killsgood”. 
I feel that it should be said that i am from Australia, and i had never heard of a potoroo before playing Crash Bandicoot…

Dr. Neo Cortex.

Dr. Neo Cortex

Short tempered, reckless and manipulative. Creator of the Evolv-O-Ray, CEO of the Cortex Corporation, and textbook mad scientist. Cortex has cornered the market in disintegrating weaponry, deforestation equipment and genetically modified Australasian wildlife.

Welcome to Wumpaland.

The Wumpa Archipelago, a cluster of islands off the south east coast of Australia, owned (and fully exploited) by Dr. Neo Cortex. Cortex has turned the islands into a fortified proving grounds for his experiments, a massive factory-lab where he conducts his research and creates abominations, and a humble shipping port, from which he exports containers filled WumpaBoxwith Wumpa Fruit (found only on the islands), exotic plant and animal specimens and various technologies of his own design.
There are very few parts of the island chain that are free from his influence, but those untouched by Cortex remain lush and pristine, and provide refuge for both the mad scientist’s rejected experiments as well as the few animals left he hasn’t sewn together or genetically fiddled with.

i see the game playing a lot like a Just Cause or Far Cry style. All three islands would be openly explorable from the outset, and would be divided into territories of three different factions

The Natives/ Mutant Revolutionaries: The native inhabitants of the islands and the outcast mutated animals who just want to live in peace with the other creatures.

The Rejected: Mutants who were deemed defective or escaped from the labs and just want to wreak havoc on the islands, destroying everything they can.

 Cortex’s Army: The mutants, and hired mercenaries loyal to Cortex, paid or otherwise incentivised to eliminate anyone who isn’t a loyal company man (or animal).

The Wumpa Archipelago consists of three islands;

South Island – Home of the Temple of the Ancients and the sacred Wumpa Grove, a patchwork of half constructed buildings, experimental technologies, and impenetrable jungle. The fact that even Cortex’s specially engineered de-forestation machines can’t penetrate the older, thicker parts of the jungle means that South Island still has pockets of dense, lush forest free of Cortex’s influence. for now…

East Island – The East Island has been cleared of all but the toughest and oldest trees, making way for the Cortex Exports operations office, the Cortex Port, and the Proving Grounds; where Cortex’s experiments battle each other to prove their worth to their master.

Cortex Island (formerly North Island) The site of Cortex Co. head office, the Cortex Manufacturing Factory-Lab, and testing ground for Cortex Mining Industries’ prize investment: the Magma-Matic – a device which (in theory) harvests magma from the active volcano to be pumped offshore, (in theory) creating more islands to be terraformed by Cortex Co.

Map of the Wumpa Islands

*This is equal to either 472, or 19.825 Bandicoot years, math is not an exact science…


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