Christmas Card, also my first post.

So, i wrote a Christmas poem.

i’ve always wondered why Santa never got pulled up on that whole enslaving an entire race to work in his death camp/ toy workshop…

people know he’s doing it, it’s in all the songs. Where’s SEAL Team Six on this one!?

Maybe it goes against the “Christmas spirit” to question the subjugation of elves. Maybe you’re all just terrible people…

Either way, merry whatever.

To make this blog a little different from all the other places i post these drawings on the internet, i’ve decided to post the work process that goes into them from sketch to finished product.

The rough lines

The rough lines


lines over the sketch

The black lines over the sketch is probably my favourite way to look at this picture. I was so close to leaving it like this, but it felt lazy…


the flat colours


and the finished colours


The crest at the bottom of the card was actually the first part of the card i designed. i wanted to make Santa a little scary, make him look like the kind of guy you wouldn’t want judging whether you’d been naughty or nice…


the full christmas card with poem.

the full Christmas card with poem.

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