My Favourite Little Golden Book

I thought i’d give you guys a little look into my childhood, so i dug up and scanned the cover of my favourite Little Golden Book i had when i was growing up.

 “Charlie O’Dawes, The Boy Born Without Lobster Claws” by Jack Weebunckle was a great story about a kid born without lobster claws in a town where no one else had lobster claws either, but they all looked at Charlie like he was a freak – because he didn’t have lobster claws-  and none of the other kids would be his friend, then one day Charlie decided to show them he was totally normal and made them all toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches.

They were like “that was nice, but we still think you’re a freak.” Charlie went completely mental and chopped off his hands and sewed lobster claws onto his arms with his teeth, and all the townspeople were like “Hey, who’s this guy he looks weird because he has lobster claws where his hands should be.” and Charlie was all like “fuck this nonsense i’m outta here.”and he moved to, like China or Iceland or something.
Anyway the moral of the story was that time travel is probably impossible.

it's not really a real golden book

Charlie O’Dawes The Boy Born Without Lobster Claws

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