The Apocalypse and You – Survivalist’s Guide to Surviving.

i was commissioned to work on a pamphlet – which the client needed filled with very specific, recently updated technical information and safety procedures.

The client had NONE of the information…

…so, while i waited for them to get the information i was supposed to put in their pamphlet i made my own pamphlet. It also has helpful hints, technical information and safety procedures and i like to think that those found in my pamphlet will be much more useful to many more people.

But don’t think of it just as a guide for a zombie apocalypse. You can utilise the helpful information in this pamphlet almost anywhere in almost any situation; at a job interview, on a blind date or even at a birthday party.

i thought it would be fun to make a poster to go with it, sort of a condensed version of the pamphlet that would be stuck on walls by the CDC with a little stand of pamphlets underneath it to help people get along with their lives after the undead start eating the flesh of the living…


This is what the pamphlet looks like printed and folded.


below is the pamphlet layout made for reading on screen.

Pamphlet-FrontPamphlet-Backso good luck out there, survivors.

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