Bioshocked Ad Infinitum

Recently i’ve had a few commissions to work on, but between rounds of work on those i have also crammed in some playtime on Bioshock: Infinite.

Sometimes i took a while out from playing Bioshock: Infinite to sketch Bioshock: Infinite.


Making the Poster

The most important thing to get across on this one was the kinetic nature of the game, namely using the Sky-lines, strangely this was the easiest part – i’ve found that when i draw on my Wacom i stray from the usual static poses and force movement into my pictures.


i played around with putting the Songbird in the piece, as a silhouette in the background, as a shadow over Elizabeth and then i drew a front on picture of it to put as a tiny reflection in Elizabeth’s eye, but i took it out because it was basically invisible. i really wish i had the space to put a super high res version of this here with the reflection in her eye.


i realise i haven’t drawn the Skyhook as it appears in the game, but (here comes the excuse) that thing is just so darn tricky to get a decent picture of that isn’t perfectly side on and i chose a pretty dumb angle to draw it on.

Also, check out Dan Bull’s Bioshock Infinite Rap ( i had nothing to do with the rap, it’s just awesome and everyone should hear it.)

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