Paper Jam

For the last three days my printer has been telling me that there is something lodged within it’s depths, nestled betwixt it’s inner most gears and gyros, something that, it assures me, is in urgent need of being dislodged, some unyielding materia so immovable that it will not allow the printer to do that for which it is named.

“Paper jam in tray one”.

The real problem is that there is no paper jam in tray one, and in fact no paper in tray one. Tray one is for A4 paper and since i am using an A3 printer i don’t keep any A4 paper in there… So a paper tray that was not filled with paper has (allegedly) become engulfed with such quantities of paper that my printer can no longer do it’s duty. I responded not by taking three minutes to inspect the purported blockage, but a few hours to prepare this;


eventually it should fix itself.


You can now buy and wear this design on your body, in shirt form; here

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