She Drove the Pterodactyl

i was never a big fan of the Power Rangers be they mighty, morphin’ or otherwise. But i was a HUGE fan of the Pink Ranger. Because she was an amazing athlete, she was a balanced and capable warrior and she understood that those who were able should always defend those who were unable to defend themselves… probably, but was i mainly into her because i thought she was a massive babe.

There have been many Pink Rangers since then and i’m not going to try and reproduce THE Pink Ranger here (that ain’t my strong suit, I know my limits) but what I thought i’d do was draw A Pink Ranger and be all like “Hey guys this is what the Pink Ranger would look like if i was drawing her, like in a comic or whatever.”

So, today i sat down and drew what the Pink Ranger would look like if i were drawing her, like in a comic. Or whatever.

I’ll start off with the draft, because that’s how these posts work


i decided i wanted to keep the pencil lines and not ink this one at all, later i might go back and clean these up (maybe even ink them) but this was just a fun project for the afternoon.
PinkRangerFullHelmetWebOf course you can’t just draw her with a helmet on so i added stage 2: the gear under the helmet. i figure when she wasn’t fighting bizarre monsters made of foam on the ground she was driving a giant mech thingo, so her helmet might need a breathing apparatus (like fighter pilots wear) beneath her helmet, just in case she got ejected out of her giant fighting robot or, you know, whatever…

PinkRangerFaceMaskWebSo now she’s got a helmet, some sort of gas mask under her helmet, but what’s under all that? well… Stage 3: her face.

PinkRangerNoHelmetWebi would have drawn her Zord (that’s what they were called, right? Zords?) but i’ve never been a real fan of pterodactyls, such weird looking things.

Also; today is my sister’s birthday, i probably should’ve drawn something for her…

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