He is the Best at What he Does…

… And what he does is bake a rather nice pumpernickel loaf.  i’m kidding, what he does is kill.

He is a killer.


This was going to be an interactive animation that had Wolverine “idling” like in an old school sidescrolling video game with active areas over his fists that would be clickable to pop his claws out, however after the countless crashes over the course of my attempts at animating it, coupled with me being so rusty at using Flash i decided it was just fine as a static drawing.

———————————–— — — ••• — — ————————————–

The process of making the animation. (and then abandoning it)

PopClawsDraftLayout The first step on this one was to draft a final picture, then working backwards separate everything into different areas to make animation easier. SectionsForAnimation i was aiming for an old school fighting game idle animation. Each different colour is a different section to be animated separately to get that segmented 2D feeling.


The finished line work, marked up in the animation frame. (sans claws)

Once the line work was finished i took it into Illustrator, and converted them to vectors.


The finished line work, marked up in the animation frame. (with claws fully popped)

The claws and the little metal things (what the hell are those things called? Eyelets? Sockets?) were drawn on separate layers so they could be placed over the body lines and also one another so when the claws popped they actually came out of the eyelets, to give the appearance of depth.


Flash was kind enough not to crash for long enough to let me take a screen shot.

All the layers were then transferred into Flash. Flash then proceeded to stall, crash and freeze every time i did anything. So i decided to forego the animation (i gave up) and settled on the idea of having this as a drawing, not an animation.

Just realised i forgot to put the blue triangle-stripe-detail-things on the shoulders of his uniform… Well, we’ll chalk this one up as a failure, i guess.

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