Since i can’t draw all that much right now…

i’ve decided that since i can only get time to do random sketches at the moment i would instead post a few photographs i’ve taken since moving to Canada.

Starting with photographs of the majestic Niagara Falls.


All these photos were taken while i was in Niagara recently just after a particularly cold snap, during which i’m told the Falls froze… i am hesitant to believe that, but that’s what the homeless guy who had fashioned a cardboard box to look like an information kiosk told me, so…


If you’re not up to date on the history of the region let me fill you in;

Known throughout the world the Falls of Niagara are one of mankind’s greatest achievements, built in the late 18th century by colonists as a way to test for witches (suspected witches were thrown head first into the water, if they survived that they were then tested by the “fury of the falls” during which they would plummet down the falls reciting God’s prayer while being pummeled with stones by onlookers.)



If they survived this ordeal then they were either guilty of being a witch or simply innocent of being a witch but guilty of being aided by witchcraft, the punishment for which was to undergo the “fury of the falls”. This practice continued until 1976, when it was deemed to be too slow a process by local witchfinders, who had taken to locating and identifying witches through electronic means, or through the use of witchcraft.

niagara2014_15For more photos feel free to check out my Flickr page


3 thoughts on “Since i can’t draw all that much right now…

  1. That’s an interesting fact I’ve yet to discover, If that’s true lore though. Just imagine what they would find below these waters now, Or what would surface once water starts flowing again :O

    • i can assure you the lore is almost certainly approaching something close to the truth… Oh, there are certainly dozens of drowned “witches” down there, there is a festival dedicated to the time of year when the thawed witches start flowing down the river, it sounds terrible, but it’s actually quite lovely.

      • oh wow talk about a forensic nightmare this would make if they did try to locate one body after another, It would be another salem witch like scenery all over again :O

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