The Problem With Domesticated Wolves

ABoyAndHisWolf007 Let me start off by saying that i am a cat person, and i feel in this day and age that cat people are the leaders of the world, and i can back that up quite easily; just look at all the cat videos on the internet, there are ten videos of cats being awesome or silly for every one of a dog being… well, a dog.

Since i moved to Canada i’ve been staying with friends, at first in Ottawa and currently in London. My London housemates have a dog (my Ottawa housemates also had a dog when i was there and, strangely enough procured a second within a week of my leaving, i assume to fill he void of my absence) and when they’re not home it falls to me to make sure that said animal is taken care of, i’m fine with that – having said that i am more cat inclined i have had dogs as family pets growing up, so i could manage this situation.

However, being more of a cat person i find dogs to be somewhat overbearing and needy – while cats will give you your space, do their own thing and occasionally take time out of their schedule to lay across your lap (or laptop) cats go where they want, they’re lovable rogues. Dogs are pushovers, with their unquestioning friendliness that borders on stupidity and constant need for affirmation – i find – they’re just too compliant.
One thing i do know about dogs is that they are very territorial and very vocal when it comes to protecting their perceived territory. There has never been a time when i’ve taken my flatmate’s dog out to pee and she hasn’t turned into a stone cold killer at the mere scent of another of her species. Dogs do get some points for being utterly insane.

Having arrived at the end of the “nice weather season” in Canada most of the weather i was facing when taking the dog outside was fairly bleak, to say he least.

So, while i was standing around waiting for a dog to do the thing that you take dogs outside to do i imagined there was a much cooler situation going on, something more like this:


i would like to take this opportunity to bring your attention to the tea stain on the upper left corner, let me tell you; hot tea was a necessity after coming in from minus forty degree Celsius weather, i mean what kind of country allows that to happen anyway?! ABoyAndHisWolf003




Oh, and just so you know, this is the dog i’m working with; WebPenny

One thought on “The Problem With Domesticated Wolves

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