¡Violento Automata Combatirse!



It’s 2014 (the year of our lord, two thousand and fourteen) why are there not sentient robots who love to fight each other while dressed as lucha libre wrestlers? I mean what has science been doing all this time if not building atomic powered battle ready automatons bent on tearing each other limb from limb for the entertainment of their human masters? Seriously, what could be more important than this?!

So this whole thing started a few months back when i decided i wanted to do something with a Mexican flavour to it. That lead to a few days of filling sketchbook pages with calavera, roses and lucha masks.





Once the elements were there i just needed something to tie them to, i went with robots. Robots can tie anything together.


Strangely i think this poster would have looked really good on the wall in my old bathroom…


¡You can get a fancy print of this bad boy right here, or you can get this design on a shirt, hoodie, throw pillow or iPad cover here!

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