Standard Operating Procedure.

i tend to get a few drawing challenges every now and then…

Drawing challenges are always fun and when you get a message that starts “I have a drawing challenge for you, I need a mermaid...” you know things are going to be interesting, especially considering that the last drawing challenge you were given by this person ended with another mermaid, chewing on the face of a decapitated Liopleurodon.

Here’s how this one played out;

” I have a drawing challenge for you
I need a mermaid, with webbed hands, exposed ribs and a jellyfish bell at the tip of her tail
and tentacles coming out of her belly.
And back spikes.

^____^ “

So i started drawing mermaids, freaky ass looking mermaids. And i got some fajitas – work like this requires a minimum amount of franchise Mexican restaurant food.



i want  to stress that for me this is a fairly normal picture request. Not sure how it goes for other artists, but this is the way these things ALWAYS seem to go for me. i’ve learned to just roll with it…



I make a point of NEVER drawing people’s portrait, especially if they’re friends who i know fairly well, it’s just a rule i’ve imposed on myself after one certain unpleasant outcome.

But, this time i decided to forgo my own rule and draw a friend of mine – namely because i told her i was drawing stuff to fill out my portfolio and she responded with

“Draw me. They’ll hire you like right away.”


i made the background argyle, because argyle make things classy as shit.

i still haven’t been hired, and am considering legal action…



i just want to point out that i made a label for the chai tea tea bag, which is obviosly way too small to see in the finished picture, so here it is at it’s soothing, relaxing, full size.



Chai tea is delicious, or so she says… i’m still not game enough to stay from my good old fashioned Irish Breakfast Tea (which, despite it’s name, can be consumed at times other than breakfast with little to no ill effect.)


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