2015, a Look to the Future.

It’s New Years Eve again, and i want to say to anyone reading this have a safe and happy new years celebration and see you some time in he future.
Failing that, and allowing for the creation of some kind of time travel device we will see each other in the past. Paris, 1848 to be exact, atop the Arc de Triomphe; i will be wearing a burgundy quilted doublet given to me by the daughter of some Marquis who’s name i can’t remember the spelling of, and you will be carrying the finest leg of smoked ham you stole from the larder of the local silversmith. As we sit and watch the dying suns set for the last time Napoleon himself will raise seven of his twelve tentacle appendages to bid his armies of amphibious war golems march forth, the Elder Gods – ravenous in their all knowing hunger – shall see this and move to unleash their thralls to do war amongst the realms of men, and as the fabric of reality crumbles in on itself we will look at each other and you will say, softly and with such sweetness “Sorry, I thought you were someone else, have you seen my husband?”

Happy New Year.

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