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Hi. My name is Todd, i am an Australian born man-shaped thing who owns more than a few hats.

I am an artist, I have at various times been called a geek, a Snickers bar enthusiast and, more than twice, I have been referred to as a “crime fighting anthropomorphic dog” much to my chagrin.

But i prefer to describe myself as a graphic artist slash illustrator, a charming rogue, or an iconoclastic serpentine god-king… depending on the day.

I have an Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts, an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design and a Certificate IV in 3D Animation for Video Games and Film.

Most of my time is spent finding and then doing freelance design or graphic art work through a small business I started a few years ago, however when i’m not doing that I can be found tweeting,  playing any sort of video game i can get my hands on or just drawing unicorns.

I am also tentatively in the t-shirt business.

An online portfolio full of things i have done can be found here.

You seem cool, we should hang out.

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